Vote for a real change this November

To the Editor,

In all of the lies of the great Obama, he has kept one promise he made in 2008.

He promised that there would be change, and boy, has he made them, about 99 percent of them have hurt our country.

His use of executive orders, his bypassing of Congress on many decisions, etc, etc. He should be impeached!

In light of what is happening in Iraq is why we should tell the world that as of today, we are going to mind our own business, and whatever goes on in the world, we will not get involved. However, should anyone dare to cause harm to America, the same day, your country will become a parking lot period.

Look at all the lives we lost in trying to help Iraq. Look at all the equipment we sent over there. For what? It’s business as usual again in Iraq.

I find it hard to believe that all the Democrats in Congress approve or permit the actions of Obama to continue, and I find it harder to believe that so many voters gave him a second term. At least he cannot run again in 2016. Thank God for that!

In closing, I beg of all voters, I plead with you, please vote in November. Get rid of all those deadheads, get fresh faces and maybe USA can become what it used to be. The Greatest in the world!!

We need to revise the entitlement programs that are eating away our tax dollars!

Here is another topic that I wonder about. If you notice that all politicians running for office all promise more money for education. How is more money going to make Johnny & Mary smarter, especially in math & science? Maybe we should be looking into the teaching end.

It’s time to get off the soap box. You all have a great week, and may God bless us all.

Ray Kaczynski