Real estate transfers

The following real estate transactions were filed in Jefferson County:

Stanley Paprocki (deceased) to Beverly Paprocki, lot 29, Oak Crest.

Casimir Adulewicz (deceased) to Partricia Martin, lot 174, Manhattan.

Dennis Kinyo (deceased) to Gary Lucas, lots 1-36, Crow Hollow.

Elaine Scurti to Anthony and Elaine Scurti, lot 7, Oak Crest (survivorship).

Willis Calhoun to Ronald Dulaney Jr., 0.5 acre and 0.27, Wells Township.

Janice Kranek (deceased) to Gary Kranek, lots 116-117, Riverview Terrace.

Larry and Jennifer Wright to Dennis and Josephine Dylewski, part lots 97-98, Joshua Moore (survivorship).

Nancy Eisnaugle to Trevor Eisnaugle, 13.2012 acres, Cross Creek Township.

Rex McLaughlin (deceased) to Rebecca McLaughlin, 0.843 acre, Smithfield Township.

Robert Ketchum Sr. (deceased) to Joyce Ketchum, lots 6-8, Hammondsville.

Patricia Fellows (deceased) to Charles and Sarah Hayes, 5.115 acres, Salem Township (survivorship).

Jeffrey and Rebecca Foster to JRF Holdings LLC, lots 38-40 Clark’s First; part lots 182-183 and lot 180, Clark’s Third; metes, Smithfield Township; 0.193 acre, Island Creek Township; and lots 64-65, Clark’s Second.

Debbie Kunkel to Kate Falla, metes, Saline Township.

Becky and Charles Czapski to Amanda Regal, lots 72 and 74, Original East Springfield.

Tommassina Cominsky to Kevin and Darla Kuri, part lot 143, Jackson’s (survivorship).

Kathy Gill to Samuel Gill Jr., 7.6162 acres, Salem Township.

Samuel Gill to Kathy Gill, metes, Salem Township.

Samuel Gill Jr. and others to Kathy Gill and Sonja Cornish, 1 acre, Salem Township.

Timothy and Katherine Krynak to Robert and Lori Newlin Jr., 21.3 acres, Salem Township.

Joseph Wilson Sr. (deceased) to Linda Wilson, lot 7, Benjamin Smith; 0.45 acre, Cross Creek Township; 0.224 acre, Island Creek Township; lot 39, Beechwood No. 1; lots 111-112, Beechwood No. 2; lot 46, Dana Lynn Subdivision; lots 11 and 16, Karen Place; lot 58, Parkdale; lot 171, Becker Highlands; lot 80 and 114, Ross Park Realty; lot 255, Manhattan; part tract 26, Buena Vista; lot 199, Pleasant Heights Poplar; lot 59, Beverly Hills; and Unit4312, Steeple Chase.

Dorothy and Paul Pavelka to Gloria Boley, lot 31, McCauslen.

Paula Nutter to Valerie and David Schayes, lot 20, Brentwood Estates (survivorship).

James Vankirk Sr. to Grace Vankirk, lot 17, Belvedere.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to Diana Crawford, part lot 12, Original Smithfield.

Martin Mackey (deceased) to Darla Robinson, lot 82 and part lot 83, Gerkes; and 0.275 acre, Steubenville Township.

Richard Henderson and others to Edward and Connie Trushel, metes, Knox Township (survivorship).

J. Mark Miller and others to ALSU Acres LLC, 82.736 acres, Smithfield Township.

Jackie Holmes and William Wright to Roy and Brenda Holmes, 32.221 acres, Springfield Township (survivorship).

Judith Jackson to Kenneth and Julie Vescovi, 9.3968 acres, Island Creek Township (survivorship).

Eva Pierpoint to Jack Folwer LLC, part lot 114, Highland City.

Joetta and Vijay Varanasi to Lois Rizzo, lots 127-128, Walkers Second.

Clyde and Bobbi Jo Jordan to James Still, metes, Steubenville Township; and metes, Cross Creek Township.

Charles Benton (deceased) to Joyce Benton, 0.614 acre, Island Creek Township.

Cara Birkhimer to Garland Grim Jr., part lots 95 and 97, Carr’s Addition.

Nathaniel and Deborah Yetts to Clarissa Huff, part lots 638-639, Labelleview.