Community comes together in historic moment

To the Editor,

Last week was a quiet historic day in Weirton. It was the last day for our elementary schools.

Our schools ended 89 years of dedication, service and community involvement, which have been the hallmark of the parents, students and staff of the three schools. Monday, June 9, something remarkable occurred! I witnessed 200 plus people rally around a monumental task of moving three schools into our new Weirton Elementary School.

I have to say that I am more than impressed and proud of what we accomplished. Even with all the planning and hoping, I could not have imagined this outcome that we would be almost out of our buildings in two days.

We had teachers, staff, Weir High football players, Weir High students, Key Club Members, National Honor Society members, Madonna students, family members and friends carry boxes, unload cars, and unpack books. So many people shared their talents at both, the three old schools, and the new school.

Weirton has always been known for its giving spirit and the spirit continues in our young and old from what I witnessed. I am so proud of all the young people who have been our students and how they came together to support our endeavor.

In all of our planning, we never imagined such support, community involvement, and hard work. Thank you is not enough but many thanks, and I am so proud to be part of this Weirton Community. We still have work ahead of us in order to be ready before the school year begins, but we could not have done any of this without everyone working together.

Thank you, thank you all.

Frank Carey

Principal, Weirton Elementary School