real estate transfers

The following real estate transactions were recorded in Jefferson County:

Henry Giralico (deceased) to JoAnn Giralico, 9.665 acres, Knox Township.

Henry Vandeborne and others to Michael Kuester, 1.17 acres, Wayne Township.

Vicki McWilliams to Terrance Dobbins Jr., metes, Steubenville Township.

Nicholas and Denise DeBlasis to Vincent DeBlasis, part lots 10-11, Original Empire.

Charles Hockenberry and Kathy Brettell to Joseph and Renee Wnek, 0.9257 acre, Steubenville Township (survivorship).

Rebecca Cafero to Christopher Cafero, lots 123-124, Longvue; 0.1722 acre, Cross Creek Township.

Shawn McGinnis to Margaret McGinnis, lot 41, Swickard’s Third.

Margaret Swinsinski (deceased) to Joseph Swinsinski, lots 161-163, Langfitt.

Charles Hockenberry to Kathy Brettell, lot 28, Eastview.

David Davis (deceased) to Patricia Davis, lot 34, Myers Second.

Ruth and Robert Cairo to Joyce Wiley, lots 46 and 49, Original Knoxville.

Albert and Clara Miller Jr. to Joyce Wiley, lots 46 and 49, Original Knoxville.

Fred and Rhea Bensie to Jack Fowler LLC, part lots 118-120, Walkers Second.

Robert Kallay (deceased) to Priscilla Kallay, lot 103, Sunset Gardens No. 2.

Marian Szeliga to Joseph and Maria Karakas, lots 162-165, Walkers Second.

JJ Detweiler Enterprises Inc. to Kenneth and Marie White, 8.882 acres, Smithfield Township.

Fannie Mae to Andrew and Brandy Becker, 3.625 acres, Mount Pleasant Township.

Dennis and Peggy Dolfi to Megan Shepherd, lot 7, Rolling Acres.

Deborah Hukill to Timothy Walters, lots 62-63, Beechwood No. 2.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to Jonna Miller, lot 18, Naomi Williamson proposed.

Eric Shields to Peter Shutler and others, 1.44 acres, Mount Pleasant Township (survivorship).

Frank Simmons Sr. (deceased) to Carol Simmons, 0.51 acre, Cross Creek Township.

Joseph Moffo Sr. to Shirley Moffo, 6,000 square feet, Steubenville Township.

Bonnie Zavolta to Donald Zavolta Jr., lot 4, Hillsborough.

Barbara Freese to Barbara and Scott Freese, 3.75 acres, Mount Pleasant Township; lot 2 and part lots 4-5, Lupton First (survivorship).

Karen Stupak (deceased) to Marty Stupak Jr. and Cathryn Kusic, lots 50-51, Walkers.

Judy Calhoun (deceased) to Willis Calhoun, 0.27 acre, 0.5 acre and 4.58 acres, Wells Township.

Sarah Figurski to Ronald Figurski, 12.9986 acres, Mount Pleasant Township.

Coffey Trust to Kenneth and Julie Vescovi, 1.0494 acres, Island Creek Township.

Stonecrest Investments LLC to Timothy Morris, lot 12, Adam Peeler’s Second.

Mary Signorini to Salvatore Signorini, lot 43, Highland City.

Carol Simmons to Carol Simmons and others, 0.51 acre, Cross Creek Township (survivorship).

Rick and Shelda Workman to Aaron and Kristen Workman, 1.94 acres, Knox Township.

John and Norma Yater to John and Christine Yater, 3.539 acres, Wells-Warren Township.

Antoinette Galownia to Antoinette Galownia and Mary Jo Lorenzi, lots 46-47 and part lot 48, Beverly Hills (survivorship).

Charles and Sarah Hayes to Jaclyn DeCesare, lot 32, Steubenville Pottery Co. First.

Michael and Marilyn Zomboski to Jeffrey Bernosky, 0.1428 acre, Smithfield Township.

Peter and Mary Polverini II to Rebecca Crabtree, lot 24, Grandview Estates No. 2.

Doris and Michael McKinnon to Barbara Carmichael, lot 40, Tera Manor.

Edward Featheringham to Eric Oldaker, lot 14, Banfield Improvement.

Hogar Community Reinvestment LLC to Brian and Amber Badamy, lot 1, Lincoln Heights Second (survivorship).

Beverly Mayhew to Shirlene and James Smith Jr., part lot 27 and lot 28, Westwood.

Amsterdam Methodist Church to United Church of Amsterdam United Methodist, lot 20, Original Amsterdam; and metes, Springfield Township.

Marlene Smith to Marlene and Brett Smith, lot 9, Brentwood Estates (survivorship).

Heidi Norman to Michael Norman, lots 64-65, Lincoln Heights.

Nancy McGirty (deceased) to Thomas McGirty, lot 25, Sunset Gardens.