Follansbee works to reopen pool

FOLLANSBEE – Follansbee City Manager John DeStefano said he and others are working to address two separate problems that resulted in grounds at Follansbee Park being damaged and the city’s swimming pool being closed.

DeStefano said the freezing and thawing of ground and recent heavy rainfall are believed to be responsible for ground shifting around the park’s upper shelter earlier this week.

He said the shifting caused the walking trail below it to buckle and the concrete pad beneath the shelter, which already was cracked, to break further.

DeStefano said when the damage was first discovered, the road above it was closed as a precaution at the suggestion of Mayor David Velegol Jr., who works as an engineer.

But he said another engineer has since visited the site and found the shifting isn’t connected to the road.

DeStefano said arrangements are being made to have other experts look at the site.

He said the shelter has been closed, but no decision has been made yet about tearing it down.

DeStefano said the pool was closed after Memorial Day weekend so crews could address a leak there. He said a pool expert was brought in and found it needed to be re-caulked.

DeStefano said city crews have been re-caulking the pool but the work has been delayed by the rain and the caulk must have time to dry before the pool is refilled, with takes at least a day.

He said he hopes the pool can be re-opened by Sunday.

DeStefano said plans had called for the pool to be closed after Monday because students still are in school but city crews hadn’t planned to drain it again.

DeStefano said one issue the pool expert brought up was that the pool doesn’t have to be drained each year if it has a cover.

But he said a cover for the pool, which is about 70 feet wide at its widest section, would be expensive.