Church sermon topics announced

Steubenville-area churches have announced the following sermon themes for their Sunday services:

— Bell Chapel United Methodist Church, Steubenville: “There’s A Song in the Air.”

Bloomingdale Presbyterian Church: “No Easy Task.”

— Covenant Presbyterian Church, Steubenville: “The Gift of Joy.”

— Finley United Methodist Church, Steubenville: “Away from the Manger!” morning services; piano-organ evening of music, evening service.

First Christian Church, Disciples, Steubenville: “Don’t Miss Christmas This Year,” Shawn Smith, guest speaker.

— First Church of Christ, Scientist, Steubenville: “God the Preserver of Man.”

— First United Methodist Church, Toronto: “Complete Joy.”

— First Westminster Presbyterian Church, Steubenville: “A Humble Heart.”

— Harmony United Methodist Church, Mingo:

“Change the Script and Be Blessed.”

Pleasant Hill Presbyterian Church, Steubenville: “Has God Surrendered? Only If His Church Has!”

Second Baptist Church, Steubenville: “Where Is He?”

— St. Mark Lutheran Church, Steubenville: “Fulfillment.”

— St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Steubenville: “‘P’ Is for Patience.”

— St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, Steubenville: “The Challenge of Captivity,” guest priest Pastor John Zimmann.

— Two Ridges Presbyterian Church, Wintersville: “What A Name.”

Wintersville Church of Christ, Wintersville: “The Light of Joy.”

— Wintersville United Methodist Church: “The Story of Joy Lost and Joy Restored.”

— Zion United Church of Christ, Steubenville: “Liberation’s Song.”