Lies and other Washington items

To the editor:

Here they go again, valley amigos pounding their chests, resorting to histrionics, emotional outbursts, imbecilic and illogical arguments and name-calling believing they are putting forth a coherent rebuttal as evident in their recent letters. The only one I agree with is Guy Indovina. His letter of Oct. 27 (“Tea Party hurting country”) states “We as a nation are going through a dumb period . We are the laughing stock of the world.” Yes we are, and it’s never been as apparent as in the last five years under Obuma.

I love seeing Obama standing at a podium spouting lie after lie about Fast and Furious, IRS, Benghazi, NSA spying scandals and his biggest whopper, Obamacare, with his zombie-like followers in the back wide-eyed with admiration. Look closely at them, they don’t blink.

Dispute these facts: HHS Secretary Kathleen Sibelius awarded a $634 million contract to a Canadian firm to build the Obamacare website using 10-year-old technology. We don’t have smart people at MicroSoft, Apple or Dell? The president moans about companies outsourcing work overseas, but he gets around this lie by saying technically Canada’s not overseas. Oh, you know that the senior VP of this firm was a close friend of Michelle Obama in college. This was a no-bid contract. Gee, I hope the Obama’s are playing straight. The CBO reports that 40 percent to 67 percent of current policy holders will lose their coverage. There are 2 million already gone. Hidden in the website it says by agreeing to the application you waive your rights to privacy. “Any information will be used by the government as necessary.” Hitler, ring a bell. Everything he did was legal. Up to 15 million will go. Liberals don’t care about them hurting financially as long as 20 million get subsidized insurance. Talk about backward.

Obama wants this plan to fail because then he’ll make it all one-payer insurance. Want the government to take your premium out of your paycheck? It’s about control people. We allow the IRS to oversee Obamacare. That’s like putting Hillary Clinton in charge of security in Benghazi.

The national park superintendent testified before Congress that the White House told him to make the government shutdown as painful as possible. He closed the World War II memorial to those heroes but opened the Mall to an illegal alien rally hosted by Pinocchio Nancy Pelosi. These veterans died and suffer for this? Disgusting.

Tuesday was a day that will live in infamy. Fifty-one percent of the population is receiving government entitlements (millions illegal) with 49 percent working to pay for them. During the shutdown 92 percent of EPA personnel were deemed nonessential and laid off. Did you miss them? Attorney General Eric Holder ordered new FBI agents to view the Martin Luther King statue. Racist. They’d be better off viewing WWII, Korea and Vietnam memorials.

Press Secretary Jay Carney is more like Art Carney from the “Honeymooners.” He makes me laugh just as much.

Barry Bardone