Teachers urge support

To the Editor,

As teachers and county residents we are thankful for the past 64 years of continual support voters have given to the renewal levy. Since 1949, this Excess Levy, better known as the Operational Levy, has met the daily operational needs within our Hancock County Schools. We want to emphasize that this is not a bond levy! This levy will not create any increase to your current taxes! The purpose of this levy is to provide our students with educational opportunities that are not funded by the state. We would like to take a moment to specifically list the importance of the Operational Levy that affects all children (public and parochial students) throughout Hancock County. The following is a list of how this levy is being utilized for our children:

busing (for both public and parochial school students)

student learning material, technology, library materials

all extracurricular activities including athletics and academics

special education services

support for child abuse and neglect

speech therapy

occupational therapy

homebound students

psychological services

services for children with autism

parochial school use of sports facilities and most of the above services

One of the greatest impacts that the passing of this levy will have focuses on the safety within our schools. Unfortunately, since 1949, life has culturally changed within our communities and schools. School violence is more prevalent now than it ever has been. Since 1980, there have been 137 fatalities that have occurred within our schools across the nation due to violence. Schools such as Columbine High School and Sandy Hook Elementary School have fallen prey to such tragedy. Through this levy, we will be able to provide adequate security improvements, including security technology. Most importantly, we will now be able to service all schools with Prevention Resource Officers (law enforcement officials).

Make no mistake, this levy affects all children in Hancock County: your child, your grandchild, your neighbor, your niece, your nephew, the list goes on and on. Look at the children in the grocery store. It is affecting them. Is it not our responsibility to continue to give these children the educational opportunities we had growing up? Do they not deserve this right given to American children across the country? Isn’t it our responsibility to continue to contribute the growth of our community? Helping our children succeed is the best investment an individual can make in his or her own community. Please allow these children the opportunity to receive the very best education, in the safest environments, by voting YES to the Excess Levy on Saturday, November 9th.

In closing, we would like to emphasize the passion we all have pertaining to education, and most importantly toward our students. Help us to help them! Thank you for your consideration!

Principal Stephanie Brown

Liberty Elementary School