JVS needs support Nov. 5

To the editor:

The Jefferson County Joint Vocation School levy will be on the Nov. 5 ballot again as Issue 15.

Many in the past have voted for the 1-mill levy, but it has failed. It has been disappointing to many who I have spoken with in the past several years. These are the people who have seen the tremendous benefit of the education provided to the JVS students. This 1-mill levy has a minimal impact on voter pocket books.

As stated before, a person with a $70,000 home will be paying approximately $25 more a year. What will the students gain from this investment? A quality education with many students going on to college or a career, whether it is at Eastern Gateway Community College or in one of the building trades, such as electrical or carpentry. It may be a job at a hair salon or at Trinity Health System.

These same dollars will go to maintaining a school building built in the early 1970s. We have roof issues that could best be dealt with on a broad scale rather than piecemeal and save tax dollars in the long term. Yes, we have other building issues that need to be addressed, such as improvements to the fire alarm system. In many cases you can push things off until later, but at this point the JVS needs to be able to have supplies that make the education students receive prepare them for the work place. This is more difficult than ever before.

The funds have been cut in recent years as well as programs and staff. Yes, we would like to provide more to the students, but the bottom line is we face future deficits. We need changes in revenue and you provide the most likely source of that revenue. We ask for your vote and support so we may meet the needs of the students.

Todd Phillipson


Jefferson County JVS