Local road work a positive sign

It’s good to see the City of Steubenville moving forward on some major repaving and road repair jobs this year. Paving has taken place in the Westwood subdivision, and work is continuing on a long-awaited repair job on John Scott Highway south of Mall Drive. That job, totaling more than $1.6 million, involved extensive engineering work and an environmental permit for relocating a drainage ditch. A culvert also is being replaced. The job will put an end to what has been a nightmare of bumps and potholes for several years.

Time also is the remedy for a long-needed project to improve traffic congestion on Lovers Lane.

The road, a headache since subdivision and commercial growth in the West End began in the early 1960s, may finally have some relief coming in a couple of years.

City officials are working toward obtaining federal money to help build a roundabout at Mall Drive and to widen the road by about 5 feet for better lane width.

If the city decides to build the roundabout for the intersection, it could obtain full federal money for the project. Work is expected to begin sometime in 2016, but first, residents will have their say about the project.

Discussions in decades past were largely against widening the road, but the city is taking a new approach to the work, with the roundabout.

Surveyors will soon be working from Teresa Drive to Preston Road, where there is a wide green space on the east side of Lovers Lane that would allow for work to be done.

The traffic headache won’t go away, but the city and traffic planners at the Brooke-Hancock-Jefferson Metropolitan Planning Commission have continued to try to find a solution that is palatable to the residents.

We hope open minds prevail.