Let’s take our area back

To the editor:

No matter where you live in the Ohio Valley, we are all dealing with the same problems. Drugs are over running our neighborhoods, and violence seems to be at an all-time high. Our children are in danger every day.

So, what do we do about this? That seems to be the million-dollar question. First of all, I feel we need to back our police departments more. These men and women put their uniforms on, kiss their families goodbye, head to work and put their lives on the line for our protection. We have got to stop blaming the very people that work so hard to make sure that our families are safe.

Also, I feel that we need to seriously take control of our children. It’s almost like people forgot how to discipline our youth. Today’s young people don’t fear getting in trouble any more. I feel that if there were more discipline there would be fewer problems. It’s a sad day when senior citizens are afraid to go to the store because they’re afraid of being robbed or beaten.

I find it extremely sad that people are still judging one another simply by the color of their skin. We have come so far and yet it seems like we are taking so many steps backward. We have to stick together if we are going to fix the problems. Our community made it attractive for the drug dealers to move into our lives because we didn’t want to believe that there was a problem. Now it’s time to wake up. It’s time that we now shine the light on those who choose to live in the shadows. It’s time to stand up and take our neighborhoods back. This is a critical time, but together we can all make it through.

Sit down with your family, Pray to whatever god you pray to. Pray for peace and clean living. Let’s put our heads together and get a solution to this overwhelming problem. Remember, there is no one leader in this fight. Together we have allowed this problem to get out of hand. Together we can stand by one another and get this problem resolved. It’s time for a better tomorrow – our children deserve it. I hope this letter gets through to many people. To the elderly, please don’t live in fear, you’ve earned your peace. To children, I urge you to never give up on your dreams, but to always chase them. To parents, I urge you to pay close attention to what your children are doing, the people they run with, and to look for changes in their personality – stay ahead of the curve. To everyone, I urge you to make time for a family dinner and take that opportunity to ask questions and find out what’s really happening in the lives of our children.

Remember, it takes a village, so they say. It’s time to eliminate the hate that surrounds us and learn to spread love. God bless.

James Keller