Real estate transfers

The following real estate transactions were filed in Jefferson County:

Grandison Properties to Brenton and Valerie Whitman, 5.8714 acres, Smithfield Township (survivorship).

Florine Stewart to Florine Stewart and Heather Bright, part lot 39, Simmons & Foster (survivorship).

Lisa and Robert Goodrich to Jessica Sears, part lot 15, Parr’s Second.

Kristina and Timothy O’Mara to Valerie Doan and Stephen Kurec, lot 19, Hiddenwood Estates (survivorship).

JP Morgan Bank to Steven Markis, metes, Salem Township.

Dual and Janice Channels to Melissa Keyser, metes, Salem Township.

CF Bank to Mei Tian and Xio Rao, 0.517 acre, Cross Creek Township.

Paul Quinlan (deceased) to Grace Quinlan, lot 1, Banfield Improvement.

Grace Quinlan to Clyde and Patricia Loshbaugh, lot 1, Banfield Improvement (survivorship).

Guy and Ann Roach to James and Melanie Cunningham III, 7.078 acres, Smithfield Township (survivorship).

James and Billie Henry to Billie Henry, lot 11, Bartock Subdivision.

John Wootchie (deceased) to Delores Wootchie, lot 67, McLaughlin Fourth.

Victor Frangopoulos (deceased) to Claudette Frangopoulos, 2.401 acres, Island Creek Township.

Charles and Martha Govey to Marlena Featner, lot 24, Dixon Heights.

John and Katherine Ault to Ault Properties LLC, lots 37-38, Joshua Moore Subdivision.

James and Mary Sprouse to Jason Sprouse, 0.756 acre, Brush Creek Township.

Bank of America to Housing & Urban Development, 2.167 acres, Springfield Township.

US Bank to Troung Nguyen, metes, Steubenville Township.

George Starliper (deceased) to Jobita Starliper, lot 62 and part lot 63, David Maxwell.

Anthony DiMichele (deceased) to Barbara DiMichele, lot 79, Forestview.

Michael Grecula Jr. (deceased) to Dorothy Grecula, lots 10-11, Langfitts.

Mario Alessi and others to Tina Pham, lot 52, Buena Vista Heights.

William and Cathy England to Brian Hughes, part lot 137 and lot 138, Walton Acres No. 3.

Rade Milosevich Jr. (deceased) to Tandon Enterprises LLC, lots 32-33, Simmons & Foster.

James Mousadis and others to Mark Yocum, 2.401 acres, Island Creek Township.

David Roe to Richard Penebaker, lot 33, Beall & Steele.

Robert Wilson Jr. and Donald Wilson to Yvonne Coman and Armenta Truitt, lot 8, Lucas Walters.

James and Terry Mantos to Curtis Vandyke Jr. and Cynthia Vandyke, 1.933 acres, Wayne Township.

Scott Kent to Gary Dulaney, 3.324665 acres, Knox Township.

Darlene and Scott Pasco to Ashlie Pasco, lot 4, Samuel Speaker’s Subdivision.

Beverly Pethtel and others to Kurt Bright, 23.76 acres, Springfield Township.

Betty Roberts and others to Margaret Dowdell and others, metes, Springfield Township.

William Mackinaw to G&M Family LP, metes, Steubenville Township.

Guy Cortez (deceased) to Richard and John Cortez, lot 159, Manhattan Subdivision.

Richard Cortez and others to Donovan Shuppas, lot 159, Manhattan Subdivision.