We have too many laws

To the Editor,

Police agencies and judges solemnly declare that ignorance of the law is no excuse. This is almost laughably wrong and untrue. It’s not funny because countless people have been convicted of breaking laws they did not know existed.

There is no uniformity of laws between states, much less between counties and municipalities. There is a plethora of laws – tens of thousands. No one can reasonably be expected to know all of the, The assertion that it is a citizen’s duty to know the laws before they do something is a cruel joke, except no one is laughing. It is utterly absurd.

Lives have been destroyed because of this. I’ll not cite examples, but trust me, there are many.

Our elected officials call themselves lawmakers, and therein lies the problem. Every time something unfortunate happens, they rush out to create new laws. There are already far too many laws and regulations.

Justin Skywatcher