Young people made a difference

To the editor:

Recently, Colliers Primary School was named a 2013-14 West Virginia School of Excellence. The PTA, community members and staff worked together to complete the school’s application for the award. When the school was notified in April that it was a finalist for the award and that a committee would be coming do an on-site review of the facility in a few days, the school community came together in full force to help with the preparations. Many staff members stayed after school for long hours, and the PTA and community members donated their time and talents to help with beautification of the school and to “de-winterize” the grounds.

However, I would like to take this opportunity to especially thank the five young people who were extremely instrumental in helping Colliers Primary School achieve this prestigious award – Follansbee Middle School students McKenzie Fox, Chloe Fox and Chris Heinen, and Colliers Primary School students Ethan Robey and Bobby Brennan willingly volunteered their time to help prepare for the on-site review. None of them expected anything in return for their kindness and generosity. They helped because it was their school and their community.

I applaud their parents for instilling such unselfish qualities in their children. We are fortunate to have young people such as these in our community. They are role models today for all young adults and will be our leaders of tomorrow.

Jo-Ellen Goodall

Principal, Colliers

Primary School