Motivate politicians to repair economy

To the editor:

OK, now watch for the policy overreach that is going to follow the aftermath of the Boston bombings.

You are going to see a call for more cameras in our cities and neighborhoods. You will hear the call for the use of drones to monitor activity in American cities. There are already more than 30 million surveillance cameras in use in America. That is one camera for every 10 people.

The American people will once again be left out of the debate. The policy changes and additions in our homeland security efforts will come from debates with television commentators and their so-called network experts. These people who are secure in their neighborhoods and don’t roam our city streets will readily call for the increased scrutiny and surveillance of the rest of us.

The answer to these problems of homeland security are not found in the limitation of our freedoms or rights. That would be like building a cage around the spectators and letting the animal walk around freely at the zoo. We have to stop reshaping America and altering our freedoms as a response to our fears of terrorism. The pressure must be turned up at our borders, and the process for working and studying in America by non-citizens must be very stringent and vigilant.

If there is a bonafide use for cameras and drones it is in securing our borders. We must view those who attempt to encroach our borders as possible terrorists and respond with deadly force. We have just witnessed what law enforcement will do in our cities to apprehend potential or suspected terrorists. Should we do any less at our borders than we do in our cities?

The American people must not react out of fear or even hate. We must demand that we are protected and not infringed upon. And we need to go a step further and demand the same interest for improving the economy as has been demonstrated in our desire to wage war and expand homeland security, two fronts on which we spend the most money and get the least rewards.

We need to motivate our politicians to repair our economy and improve the quality of life in this nation. We are spending billions of dollars on wars that are not engineered to protect us from terrorism but to protect and advance the agenda of big oil. Let’s bring that money and those troops home, and we can stop terrorism at our door without giving up our freedoms.

Joe Scalise