A return to morality is needed

To the Editor,

The recent event in Steubenville that drew nationwide, if not world-wide attention, leads to this letter. My first question is,why were these kids out so late? Next, how can anyone witnessing a rape not do anything to stop it?

Did these boys think it was funny? Would they think it would be funny if their mother or sister were being raped? Did these boys have no shame exposing their privates in front of others? Parents, you need to do a better job in raising your babies. When I was their age, if my bones were not in my house by 11 p.m., I had a lot of explaining to do.

People, there is a whole lot of things left to resolve. The grand jury will take care of that and you can be sure some heads are gonna roll!

Another interesting item, I was reading the birth announcements the other day and I found 10 births. Three were to married couples, three had only the mother’s name, and four had two different names on them. Out of the seven, how many do you think will end up getting government (you, me, friends etc) welfare? If I were a betting man, I’d bet at least four will get there.

Another rip off is those that get disability checks. Don’t get me wrong, I have no qualms about the truly disabled getting help, but I sure get upset when I see (I know some) that are not disabled.

Last, I would sure like to find out how some people get out of filing income taxes. I get a pension check, I get a SS check and I get a bank statement showing interest and I file a tax return. I know some people that get the same type of income and don’t file a return, and they are not in jail. So if anyone out there knows how they do this, let me know!

In closing, I say people let’s return to doing things morally right and put God back into our lives.

God bless us!!

Ray Kaczynski