Many questions still unanswered

To the editor:

This is regarding the editorial on March 19 – “It will take time to change attitudes.”

Maybe this message can be viewed as a very serious wake-up call for not only students, but for parents, teachers, coaches and public officials.

Here we have a sex-crime story that has not only captivated the entire world, but a story about rape that has both riveted and galvanized an entire community.

The biggest question still remains unsolved and unanswered – who supplied all of the alcoholic beverages for these teenagers on the night in question?

There were many underage teenagers at those wild, booze-filled parties, and why weren’t they charged with underage consumption of alcohol?

Those were supposed to be parties for high school teens, not the “Hangover, Part II.” Also, why wasn’t the vehicle that alleged rape took place in ever impounded by law enforcement officials?

Maybe Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine and his prosecutors can get some strange answers to these questions.

What may happen in Vegas stays in Vegas, but what happens in Steubenville makes worldwide news.

Mark A. Paulette