Supreme Court started a war

To the editor:

Forty years ago, seven justices of the Supreme Court of the United States exceeded their authority and issued a declaration of war. This war was not aimed at an enemy, but at the most helpless and innocent of humanity. Their fiat was that any human not having exited the womb would not be accorded equal protection written into that Constitution. As a result, more than 1 million human beings per year have been dismembered and killed. This war also had collateral damage in the physical and psychological trauma inflicted on those who have lost their progeny through this barbarism.

The spiritual darkness engendered by this decision has been embraced and expanded by the current administration. The war is now being extended to target those who walk in the light of the Scriptures. An un-elected bureaucrat has mandated that all will materially support that butchery which they consider to be a grave sin. The so-called “exceptions” are merely political puffery, so narrow that even the Apostles would not qualify.

Accompanying this mandate is the removal of conscience protection, in violation of the First Amendment. Those who style themselves pro-choice have been given a choice – obey or be financially ruined, since the fine for noncompliance is $100 per employee per day.

In respectful disagreement with a previous writer, the fault lies not with the clergy, but with the laity. The fact that this tyranny was accepted in the last election belies the claims of many of the 85 percent who self-identify as Christians. If these actually inhabit the pews on Sunday, they are paying no attention to the message given. “For it’s plain they do not esteem spiritual and heavenly things above those of the world.” (John Chrysostom, “On Respect Due to the Church of God.”)

This has become a crucial time for prayer and obedience to the natural and divine laws on which the country was founded. May the light of knowledge awaken those who believe these mandates are acceptable. Please let us demonstrate that President Barack Obama was untruthful when he stated, “The United States is not a Christian country.”

Ed Bednar