Opera guild makes plans

The Upper Ohio Valley Opera Guild Board recently met to begin making plans for its 2013 program year that will include a four-program season.

It will begin with the spring program entitled “Our Friends from the Pittsburgh Opera” with the music director from the Pittsburgh Opera bringing three performers to sing popular arias and sing Broadway favorites.

“I am so pleased,” Anita Jackson, co-chair of the Pittsburgh Opera program, said. “Each year that I have invited the music director and his performers, they have accepted my invitation. Our audience absolutely loves them.”

The initial program of the season will be held March 23 at the Steubenville Country Club beginning at 6:30 p.m.

Tickets are $35, which includes dinner.

Reservations can be made by calling (740) 264-0292, (740) 264-1299 or (740) 284-5861.

The committee for the July 13 “Serendipity Cafe” will consist of Nan Watzman, Joyce Ryan-Orlando, Mary Jo Rinaldi and Joe and Lina Leonard.

The event will feature a complete program of jazz music.

Board members include Liz Morelli, hospitality chair; Mary Jo Rinaldi, president; Nan Watzman, Serendipity co-chair; Carlotta Jordan, hostess co-chair; Joyce Ryan-Orlando, immediate past president and Serendipity co-chair; Joe Leonard, treasurer and Serendipity committee member; Lina Leonard, Serendipity; Judy Gaynor, committee member; Lillian Ferguson, new member chair; Dottie Bossert, hostess committee; Barbara Wilinski, second vice president; Anita Jackson, first vice president; Laura Meeks, October program co-chair; Carleen Scurti, Pittsburgh Opera co-chair; Kathy Antinone, membership chair; Christine Hargrave; Theresa Kropka; Amelio Saggio; and Josephine Irvine-Groves, board secretary.