Looking at new ways to give

WEIRTON – The Community Bread Basket is offering a new way for residents to memorialize their loved ones while feeding the hungry.

The “Feed the Less Fortunate Legacy” will allow those in the community who wish to leave a legacy to the Community Bread Basket easily.

“We are asking persons preparing their wills and posthumous arrangements to consider making Community Bread Basket a recipient of part of their estate,” said Jim Pauchnik, bread basket publicity chair.

“This will serve many functions. First, it will give clear vision to the ones left behind as to the wishes of the donor and building legacy for the person. Secondly, it will take some of the decision making off those left behind. Lastly, the idea will give Community Bread Basket the funds needed to feed those in need well after the donor is gone. If a person is currently giving a monetary donation or contribution in other ways, their legacy will continue into the future. I know of persons who have designed all of their resources to go to charity when they pass.

“We are just asking for a portion of an estate to help feed the hungry in the future. Whatever money is designated for Community Bread Basket will go into our general operating fund for the purchase of food for the needy. We serve all of Hancock and Brooke counties. We have received contributions from estates of people in other states, because they see the work we do and the increased need. “

“At Greco-Hertnick Funeral Home, we focus on the wishes of the families,” said John Greco, owner.

“If any family would like to designate something to go to Community Bread Basket, we will be happy to facilitate that request.”