Happy with the new norm?

To the editor:

Any amigos care about President Obama’s new norm? Gas is at $3.82 a gallon, electric bills are soaring, beef is in the $5-$6-a-pound range – Did wages increase, was there no tax increase (as he promised)? Wait until Obamacare kicks in – you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

I watched the State of the Union address and thought I had the comedy channel on by mistake. If you looked closely, you saw the applause button Obuma held to make his minions jump up and down. I could write a book on his deceptive speech, falsehoods and misdirections, but there are scores of them already in print. “I’ll cut deficit in half by end of first term,” “I’ll close Gitmo,” “I believe marriage is between a man and woman.” All lies to suck in votes from the ill-informed, misguided, gullible voter. Obama’s good at running, but he can’t run a country. He can run fast away as he did after Benghazi, by dissolving his jobs council (it only met four times in two years – we must have enough jobs) and away from hard-question interviews. Oops, the lame-stream media doesn’t ask hard questions. They remind me of Russia’s star publication Pravda – lying by omitting the truth. If any of the valley amigos had reasoning powers they would see this man as he really is: a Saul Alinsky-wannabe. But they are so brainwashed they can’t see what this guy is doing to America.

He said under him there were 6.1 million jobs created, but he didn’t say under him there were 4.9 million lost. He doubled the gas mileage on cars – not true. He paraded out an old woman who voted, but didn’t tell America about the poll worker in Cleveland who voted three times for him, one by mail, one at the poll and absentee for her uncle. Do you wonder why he won? He’s so narcissistic he says he will control climate change. Have you looked out your window lately?

He threatens and uses executive orders at his whim, even though a majority of Americans doesn’t agree with his policies. He said we’ll take care of all the poor , but we can’t take care of our poor.

Colin Powell is now showing his true colors. He claims the GOP keeps blacks down. Gee, wasn’t he the Army chief of staff, chief national security adviser and secretary of state?

Why is Obama determined to take away guns from law-abiding citizens but willing to give 20 F-16s and 200 tanks to Egypt? Is Egypt under attack from Ethiopia? He claims water boarding is torture, but blowing up American citizens without due process with drones is OK. Watch out legal gun owners, he’ll drop one on you if he says you’re a terrorist.

Isn’t Hillary Clinton a wonderful person? Her quote on Benghazi, “What does it matter?” will haunt her in 2016. Quoting Whoopi Goldberg on 24 Jan. from “The View” – “The b. is back.” Sorry, Whoopi, she never left.

Barry Bardone