Gas industry will help area

To the editor:

On Jan. 17, your article, “Harrison watching stream, spring pollution,” is an example of the negative press that has been used to spread fear concerning the gas and oil industry.

First off, limestone is a natural product that is taken from the earth and simply crushed into small pieces into a useable product. No chemicals are involved.

This past summer, there was a 30-inch gas pipeline installed on a nearby property. To pressure test this gasline upon completion, the construction company had to purchase thousands of gallons of fresh drinking water from the village of Cadiz. This is the exact water that the residents drink and cook with every day.

Upon completion of the testing process, common sense would say pull the plug and let it run right back into Tappan Lake where it originated. (Tappan Lake is the water source for Cadiz.)

However, due to the chlorine that is used to treat this water that we all drink every day, it cannot be done this way. Again, common sense would say we drink this water, why can it not be dropped onto the ground?

Well the environmentalists determined that the chemical levels from this water would be too high and could be damaging to the environment. Their solution? Filter the water. How? Lay a bed of limestone to allow the water to run through before it runs back into the creek that runs directly into Tappan Lake.

Apparently common sense is lacking here, or is it easier to instigate fear and negativity?

Keep in mind, this natural gas is change and a solution to the foreign oil that we are all so dependent on.

Joe Gilchrist