Deal starting to pay off

An agreement with Chesapeake Energy is paying some dividends for the Brooke County school system.

Last year, the Brooke County Board of Education signed a lease agreement with Chesapeake for 189 acres, receiving $661,955 as a signing fee.

While it may still be some time before we know whether there ever will be drilling on any of the property, the school board has started investing some of the money it has received, and we thank them for it.

The first of the investments includes installation of the Follett Destiny Library Manager program into the county’s schools. The system will help to better catalog and track books, as well as categorize them based on their reading level.

A new playground also is being installed at the high school for use by students in the childhood development courses.

Our school libraries provide an important service for local students, providing a location to read, study, research and, most importantly, learn.

Investments need to be made to keep them up to date, and we are glad to see such an investment taking place in our own communities.

Our hope is this new system will provide better opportunities for our local students to learn and prepare themselves for the years ahead.

We also hope this is just the first of many such investments to take place in the Brooke County school system.